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Getting Started with App Inventor

This is a link to the presentation that can be downloaded to your computer.

Getting Started with App Inventor

Link to view the presentation online.

I tried several ways to get the presentation to embed. Even using the text box with WordPress did not work. Google gave me the embed code, but WordPress is too protective. I thought about putting it in a text box, but those have to be permanently located in a sidebar or the footer. Clicking on the link launches the presentation. You can view the notes or just the slides.


Update Feb 23, 2013:

I wish I could remember where I read about this technique so I could properly credit the person. This is an image I uploaded and chose to use a “custom URL”. The custom URL is the address of the presentation. I was not able to tell it to open in a new tab so it will wipe out my learning log if you click on the image below. So for those of us who have not figured out how to embed a Google Doc, take a screenshot of it, or use any image you like, upload the image and attach a custom URL to it. It works. Woo hoo!

should link to the presentation

This should link to the presentation.

Creating my Learning-Log; AECT Stardard 2.3: Computer-Based Technologies

I am using the same Learning Log that I started in EDTECH 501 because I’ve continued to add to this spot as I take classes. I did not put in the link to what I did in 511 yet, but I may put in a link back to Embrace Challenge where I did put up my stuff for 511 so that things for 511 can be referenced there.

I have learned something that I did not realize before… I do not know how to copy categories used on one page of a WordPress website to another page. I put a LOT of work into creating the categories, complete with descriptions. As much as I need to digest the NETS and other teaching standards for educational technology, I really don’t want to have to recopy them.

By creating a Learning Log, I am using computer-based technologies, therefore the label or category for the AECT standard 2.3 applies. This learning log, or blog, only exists if I use a computer to create it. It lives somewhere out on a server in the cloud. Somehow the people who run this server get money so that WordPress can be free. I am continuously amazed by how so much can be free online. It is a beautiful thing, but I wonder what the free cloud crash is going to cause.

After seeing what my talented peers created, I feel like I should step up my post a bit. The 2.3 standard has a description: Examples include:

2.3 Computer-Based Technologies

2.3.1 Design and produce audio/video instructional materials which use computer-based technologies.

2.3.2 Design, produce, and use digital information with computer-based technologies.

** I think the learning log falls mainly in this category. As you look through what has gone in the log from previous classes, you will see examples of videos I’ve created and images of projects I’ve done. I am not sure there are many links here (std 2.3.4) but if the work I do at the USF class actually happens, then I’ll have to add a link to that, too. I should put a link here somewhere, if I have not already, to Embrace Challenge so you can see a website I maintain so I can show off things I have done with my past.

2.3.3 Use imaging devices (e.g., digital cameras, video cameras, scanners) to produce computer-based instructional materials.

2.3.4* Incorporate the use of the Internet, online catalogs and electronic databases to meet the reference and learning needs of students and teachers. [from (SMETS)]

OK, so my post is still boring. I guess the creative juices have not started to flow as much as they could. After looking at more of my peers’ work, there may be more updates as I become inspired by their ideas.

The About Me Page

I’m trying to see how I can put similar tags and labels on the pages in my WordPress website, but I can’t figure it out yet. Since I don’t know how to get all of the categories I created for my front page to apply to subsequent pages, I am creating this post to represent the About Me Page.