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EDTECH 531: SL Building Basics

Video of objects

This video focuses on the objects I created.

Video of objects under dome

At first I made a huge dome and then started filling it with objects. The switching from in and outside the dome was starting to drive me crazy so I deleted the dome and made the rest of the objects I wanted inside the dome.

I enjoyed playing with the skewing of objects, but had more fun decorating them. At first I was using library images, which were amazing. Then I found the “local” option. So I resized some of my images and put them on different objects because I was curious how they would be displayed. I think the cylinder is my favorite.

After I had all the objects I wanted to create, I made another dome and positioned it over the objects, but still had the hollow cylinder (don’t know the real name of it) sticking through the dome. This was fun. I have no idea how people manage large builds or do things like the Smithsonian did.

EDTECH 531: VW Design for learning: tour

This is a quest I really want to do because it should help me not only figure out how to maneuver better in SL, but it should help me see how SL can be used for classroom situations.

I first tried NOAA, but is no longer in service. I then went to the International Space Station. Along the way I stopped off at the Smithsonian’s Dia de los muertos, which was absolutely amazing and beautiful.

I get to answer:

1.what you find engaging, what do you do, see, or experience there?

At first I was bored, but once I remembered I could get places by flying, it became more interesting. I did not figure out how to fly in a rocket, though. I looked for where the rockets or the shuttle may be launching, but all of the objects I found were static.  There was one display you can walk in and it was nifty because you could see inside the cockpit (for lack of a better word) of a shuttle (?).  I liked how they tried to illustrate the distance of planets from the sun. They had the distances marked off which reminded me that Sac State has the same type of thing on campus. They have marked of distances to represent a scale drawing of how far planets are from each other- the same thing was on the ground in the International Space Station area. There are a couple things I found odd, they kept saying they were not funded by NASA, but they seemed happy to use NASA images.  All NASA images are free b/c they are a gov’t agency, but it just seemed odd that they were asking for donations because this was not a NASA project. Another thing I found odd was the sign from the Exploratorium, which is a local science museum for me. I am pretty sure the Exploratorium did not make this website area.

2. what looks visually appealing, why?

Seeing the various rockets is interesting. They are displayed well so you can see the difference in sizes. The cherry blossom trees blooming in front of the school are pretty. The roses look similar to Minecraft roses.

3. what elements of the builds would you like to learn to create yourself?

I need to learn everything about the builds. How to mess with texture. How to add words to signs or the title of the building. I still need to learn how to walk around without getting motion sick. I want to learn how to walk smoothly through scenes. I like the science room, with the Geiger counter and all, but I have no clue what I was supposed to do with it.  Apparently they bought the desk because it thought I wanted to buy it.

EDTECH 531: First impression of SecondLife

My first impressions of SecondLife:

I am still going to be nauseous in SL until I get used to the controls. I hope I acclimate to SL sooner rather than later.

I don’t like that all female avatars have amazing figures and large boobs. I want to be a female, but not because I look like some dramatic sexy creature. My real ones are enough to deal with; I don’t need virtual ones, too. I think I have managed to subdue my Avatar as much as possible,  but I have not figured out how to change the red hair to brown hair yet.

SecondLife Avatar

My avatar from the front.





I am not completely sure how I will use SecondLife (SL) in the classroom because I don’t have enough experience with it yet. I tried a SL quest and can’t figure out how to add myself to a group. I am very much in the Noobie stages.

So in a nutshell, I think the female avatars are too sexy, I am still new at the controls so images fly fast in front of my eyes, making me motion sick, and I don’t think I have an audience yet for whom I should create a world. Maybe in the next few weeks as I learn more about how to actually use SL, my learning curve will prove to be as amazing as it has been for MC.