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The About Me Page

I’m trying to see how I can put similar tags and labels on the pages in my WordPress website, but I can’t figure it out yet. Since I don’t know how to get all of the categories I created for my front page to apply to subsequent pages, I am creating this post to represent the About Me Page.

Instructionl Design Project

This link goes to a copy of the Instructional Design Project submitted for the EDTECH 503 class, summer 2011.

MGetz_FinalIDP_Summer2011 (pdf portfolio)

Final project in Word (in Google Drive)

I was trying to come up with a way to help Advanced Candidates for the NBCT process see what their writing contained or was missing. I still want to somehow help Advanced Candidates, but got so involved with other things that I have unfortunately let this idea slip onto that list of things I really want to do.