Monthly Archives: August 2013

Reflection for EDTECH 543, Social Networking

Social Networking was an interesting class because it allowed me to learn how people have been making nifty websites quickly.  I did not realize it was by curation, which I learned while doing my final project also applies to businesses who are trying to market themselves to a wide audience. I am not sure I fully understand the business side of curation, but the fun side of being able to use a bot like program to gather information for me is awesome.  Although I don’t see myself using Facebook for discussion groups, it was good to have an authentic experience with Twitter and Facebook so I can have an idea of its strengths and limitations should it be a medium I want to use with students.  Diigo is also good and it was nice to be reminded about the Boise State Edtech Diigo group.

I really enjoyed doing my final project. It has been a while since I’ve built something in Moodle so it was nice to tinker with it again and to organize the units into logical compartments of activities for students to do.  It would be amazing if I did get a teaching job in a virtual classroom that used discussion forums because as wonderful as my current job is, they don’t use discussion forums at all. Given that there are no established student-student interactive opportunities other than a weekly Tech Chat session held for some students of one school, I want to set up something so that we can have some student-student communication even if it is outside of our LMS.  I opened up an account at KidBlog and I plan to fill it with student work when I have some “free” time. I like the idea of KidBlog because my students can remain essentially anonymous. I have often “dreamed” of having students from various states work together in my virtual classroom. It may turn out that with KidBlog I can create the virtual classroom so students can collaborate from their respective homes in whatever time zone they live.

While I feel like there is still so much more for me to learn about social networking, the class did open up for me some opportunities I was not aware of previously. I met someone in a Tweet-chat who is going to be in the EdD program in the fall. As huge as the EdTech world is, it is nice to see that the world can still be a small world at times.