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Zotero, my multimedia organizer

Some may think Zotero is not a multimedia organizer, but I challenge that thought because anything that can be used as a reference can be documented in Zotero. We had an assignment where we needed to become familiar with Zotero and how it can document resources from the school’s library. We also had to upload a few resources to the class’s folder along with some notes.

I am not sure if I needed to also document my learning in a log, so I’m posting this in case I was supposed to document some of what I learned.

I learned that Zotero is great for making a bibliography for you. Although you can write notes about a paper, its purpose is not to annotate the paper. You’ll have to use other software to do that. What is good, though, is that the notes you write don’t get stuck in the bibliography like they can with Endnote. I have not tried yet to use Zotero to cite things in a paper. I’ve only used it to “research” online or distance learning for algebra.