EDTECH 531: First impression of SecondLife

My first impressions of SecondLife:

I am still going to be nauseous in SL until I get used to the controls. I hope I acclimate to SL sooner rather than later.

I don’t like that all female avatars have amazing figures and large boobs. I want to be a female, but not because I look like some dramatic sexy creature. My real ones are enough to deal with; I don’t need virtual ones, too. I think I have managed to subdue my Avatar as much as possible,  but I have not figured out how to change the red hair to brown hair yet.

SecondLife Avatar

My avatar from the front.





I am not completely sure how I will use SecondLife (SL) in the classroom because I don’t have enough experience with it yet. I tried a SL quest and can’t figure out how to add myself to a group. I am very much in the Noobie stages.

So in a nutshell, I think the female avatars are too sexy, I am still new at the controls so images fly fast in front of my eyes, making me motion sick, and I don’t think I have an audience yet for whom I should create a world. Maybe in the next few weeks as I learn more about how to actually use SL, my learning curve will prove to be as amazing as it has been for MC.


About Melissa

I am a former high school science teacher and recently completed a MET degree at Boise State

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