EDTECH 531: Creating with Minedraft- A virus particle

This was a fun quest which was actually quite enjoyable to do. I’m tempted to redo the virus particle because there are a few flaws, but I don’t know if I have to be a perfectionist with this activity. I did the sketch in Minedraft:

Drawing in MineDraft

Drawing in MineDraft

So just a few things I learned with Minedraft- be sure where you start your image is where you want it to be. You can’t scroll so if your image happens to go off the screen, then it goes off the screen. On my computer the difference between zoom and out was one choice either way and the zooming out was really small.

So what we have here in the drawing are proteins that make up the capsid, proteins that give the nucleic acid a place to sit, and nucleic acid in the center. The stuff on the edges are receptor molecules which viruses often have so they can be recognized by their host cell.

Moving into Minecraft I learned that I can’t put grass on the edge of water. Well, I could not find a block for water so I first tried the translucent blue glass, and ultimately went with blue wool, I think. So the materials list I gathered from Minedraft proved to be useless.


The cactus would not stick. I could not find wheat or the reeds. At least Minedraft gave me a sketch with colors and features I wanted to put in my build in Minecraft. It was very useful and was on my screen as I was building because I wanted to align the squares like they were in the drawing.

Now Minecraft images:

Yes, I know there are some flaws, but this is not too bad for going from a 2 dimensional drawing to a 3 dimensional object. For me, this is amazing. Spatial thinking is not my specialty so I’m actually very excited with how this turned out. Enjoy!

I built in the rain. Sketch is off to the right.

I built in the rain.
Sketch is off to the right.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 20.42.29

I built in the dark until I could not stand it any more. When it got too silly to build in the dark, I told it to give me daylight.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 20.34.42 Screenshot 2014-10-03 20.43.09

Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.21.46

Setting it to daylight is not a permanent setting. It still got dark again.

Screenshot 2014-10-03 20.51.48 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.05.02 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.08.13Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.08.20 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.08.33

Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.59 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.48 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.42 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.37 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.30 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.14 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.41.06 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.40.50 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.40.20 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.39.59 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.39.51 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.39.33 Screenshot 2014-10-03 21.39.38

If you can’t get the 3d idea from these images, just let me know and I’ll take a few more. Thank you for taking time to check out my 3D construct.


About Melissa

I am a former high school science teacher and recently completed a MET degree at Boise State

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