EDTECH 531: Minecraft: Survive the night

There are two videos of my first night with monsters!

The first video is just to show how I set up the space. It is evidence I set it up to have monsters, even though I did not have any the first night. No monsters, but I spawned in the ocean! What?!?

Setting up Survival with Monsters day 1

The second video was almost an hour long. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to shorten it to 5 minutes. I did have a 3 minute version, but you really could not tell that not only did I have one monster during the second day, but I had TWO!  I blew up my first monsters and got it recorded on tape. I’m so proud of myself :-).

Other things I want to point out:

The first island I swam to after practically drowning had nothing other than sandstone and sugar cane. Even though I ground up some sugar, I could not figure out how to eat the plain sugar. I think the second island I swam to did not have any trees so I kept on swimming. I know I need trees.

So the third island had trees, but in the day I was there, I could not find any coal. So I figured out how to make charcoal from wood to then make torches.

A couple things that may not be obvious- I did manage to practically drown a pig. I swiped one with an apple or sugar that I was trying to give to it. I was able to kill one pig, but was not able to kill the cow. I ate pork to sustain my life strength things.

At 3:25:01 you can see the remnants of a monster blowing up. If you pause the video and go back to 3:24:26, you can see a little green critter that blends in well with the ground. I’m sorry the sound effects did not transfer with the video when I shortened it. Monster #2 shows up at 3:28:16. He is another little green thing that I blow up with my pickaxe. Woohoo!  Monster guts at 3:28:25. How’s that for a Noobie?

At 3:39:26 I’m trying to offer sugar to the pig. I obviously need to read up on what can be fed to the animals. I was feeling  bad because I killed its comrade and don’t know if this is the one I practically tossed in the water or not. I was just trying to make friends with the random wild pigs. Yeah, you can see at 3:41:20 I ended out knocking down the pig to a lower level. Oops. I guess what I did was not the way to give sugar to a pig.

At the end, I went through my little island collecting as much stuff that seemed reasonable to carry, reclaimed my crafting table and furnace, and called it quits for the night. I anticipate swimming to a different island when I log back in to see what happened while I was “gone”.

Survival overnight with Monsters the next day-  Sorry, this does not actually work. I’m trying to process it again. Temporary FAIL.

Mischief remodeled. I did a video of the video. It is now a 5 min video and lives at screencast so it should play properly.

Video of 2 days on my own

I also want to thank Dr. Snelson who in her YouTube for Educators class has us learn multiple ways to work with videos. With the knowledge I learned in her class and help tutorials at Adobe, I was able to shorten the nearly one hour video to five minutes. It involved using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Multimedia Encoder, and ultimately Screencast Desktop Uploader because Dreamweaver could not handle it. The video itself was created using Camtasia, but I don’t think Camtasia can shorten video length yet. It is nearly a 1 Gb file. If I go over my Screencast quota, I’ll have to find a new location.

Update to video process information. The 1 Gb file up at Screencast did not work. It needed a video player embedded with it, which I could not figure out. But the 5 min wmv video did work on my computer so I recorded the 5 min video in Camtasia. That 5  min video uploaded easily to Screencast and that is what you will see if you click on the link to the shortened video. What a long trip this has been…


About Melissa

I am a former high school science teacher and recently completed a MET degree at Boise State

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