EDTECH 531: MC Let’s be Creative

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that my creativity gets sparked when someone inspires me. I did not feel very inspired with this quest. Personally I would have liked to have collaboration and feedback so someone can help me see my flaws or can give suggestions to improve things. I don’t mean I want to plagiarize someone else’s ideas, but it is really nice when they can compliment mine.

May I whine for a moment? My screenshots used to land in my dropbox, but apparently they didn’t this time so I will have to probably record the scenery. The only problem at the moment is that it is raining and the rain won’t stop. So I’m going to make some dinner and hope that later tonight I can make a video to show the shoes and purse that I made.

I tried to make a house, but it was turning out to be very lame. I just wasn’t feeling any creative juices so I decided to try another angle. Pete (my husband) listens to me talk about my school adventures. I mentioned that there is a chance I may be able to create a 1 week summer class about Minecraft and I’d like to do it in a way to grab girls’ attention. As I go through watching videos or “researching” Minecraft things, even those being used in the classroom, almost everybody who is engaged with it are boys. My class (EDTECH 531) is very different because I think EDTECH women may just naturally be a little different than the typical girl. Not seeing girls playing with tech things bothers me, especially since part of my umph with teaching was to show girls that they can do science and they can enjoy it. I am not saying I am solely responsible for any student choosing to follow a career in science, but I certainly tried to support and encourage all students to be successful in science. Because I am female, it was only natural that girls would be comfortable seeing me having fun, and therefore they would think they could do it, too. Coaching the girls’ tennis team for 2 years (before I lost the ability to hold a tennis racquet) also helped with being able to connect with girls in general. I think for some of the girls on my team, when they were in my classes, they were certainly comfortable asking questions or sharing ideas. But I digress….

Well, sort-of digress. With the creative quest, like I said I was not feeling very inspired. So I mentioned to Pete how there seemed to be a dirth of girls playing Minecraft. What could we do to make it more enticing to girls? If I’m any indication, fighting Monsters just does not excite me. I love the flowers that I can find and how they are used as dyes. What can I do within the confines of the Minecraft structure to make it more interesting to girls?

Well, in creative mode, I decided to use images in a Glamour magazine to inspire me to make shoes and a purse. The shoes are actually boots. The purse has a strap. The image I used had texture so I used the sandstone. Further down you’ll see pics of my inspirations and videos of my objects.

I did not feel inspired enough to make the motorcycle style jacket, but who says a 12 year old girl can’t do it? Minecraft inspired clothing or accessories, literally designed in Minecraft. I don’t mean making t-shirts with monsters on them, but maybe tshirts with patterns that are made in Minecraft or show the flowers? From experience I know that Vistaprint can take any image made to their specifications (dimensions) and can turn it into a t-shirt. I did it for my students for a couple years.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have girls be entrepreneurs and pay for their college degrees because of things they created using Minecraft. Like that girl who figured out how to make MySpace layouts and she became very wealthy selling her shells. I realize there is the “free” culture in Minecraft so I don’t want students to necessarily make skins and sell them because that may be counter-culture, but who am I to stop them from executing their ideas?  OK, time to make dinner…

I can’t find my snapshots that are taken in Minecraft any more. They don’t seem to be automatically going to Dropbox like they used to do. I made a video so you can see the purse and shoes. Then the rain stopped. I took a couple snapshots using F2, but don’t know where they are. And then the sun set so I could not easily make another video.

When a better video is made, I’ll put it here.

Purse and shoes

The better video:  The purse and shoes in daylight without rain.


The inspiration for the boots and purse:

2014-09-28 22.52.07

A textured purse.

2014-09-28 22.52.53

A simple boot

2014-09-28 22.53.30

The purse


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I am a former high school science teacher and recently completed a MET degree at Boise State

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