EDTECH 531: Wandering Through Virtual Worlds (VW)

From quest: Wandering through virtual worlds

Pathfinder’s Office: where we went for our first meeting
I like that there can be a variety of rooms to go into, each one is elaborately decorated and has its own enhancements. I like seeing the variety of objects and opportunities that can exist- like the fire or the movie (that I could not figure how to turn off).

Military Spec World: another Jibe construction
So I’m getting a clue about VW environments- you need a master software package that can act like the shell where within the shell you can build environments. I like the Military Spec World because even though it has hills, it is mostly empty and linear. There is not a lot of stuff to confuse me. I like this.

OK, I figured out the circle off to the side is a small map of my territory. I don’t know how to walk up steps, though. I went right through them.
There is something burning on the bridge, but I can’t figure out how to fly up there to look at it.
I also like how this environment is relatively quiet. No screeching birds to be found here.

Kongregate: 3dgame of unity

I “had” to sign in. It already said getzedtech was taken, but it did not like me trying to sign in with that name. It gave me Melissa29, which is fine with me. I will acquiesce to any requirement I have to do to gain access to free software.

I look like I must be a construction worker in a field. Off to see what there is to explore.

OK this one is interesting because every time I turn, the entire display changes to reorient me to facing everything head-on. There is a mound reminiscent of the trash heap / mud pile in Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. I was hoping it was a volcano because I wanted to relearn the types of volcano names. Oh, crap, I’m stuck on the side of the mound I can’t defy gravity here and just keep climbing up it. I’m freaking stuck!  YAY, it must have heard me because it let me turn around and walk down the mound.

Kongregate has ads, which is fine with me. I could pay to have no ads.

I actually don’t know what game I was playing. I’m trying to switch over to Flash Freekicks. This is a soccer game. It uses the mouse to change direction of the kick, and you get to curve the way you send the ball. Level 1 was very easy. Getting a clue on level 2- need to set up the direction and curve so the ball will go in the goal- the curve seems to be literal and not after some time has passed- like it immediately starts curving and does not change the curve to match the distance of ground that needs to be covered.  As expected, as you progress through levels, objects get put in the path that I have to ignore. The ball bounces back, away from the objects.  The ball goes really slow if I don’t put in a curve. Not sure what is up with that. I lose a life each time I miss a goal.  Level 6 beat me. I am not used to the physics of the initial angle and the curve. Nice game, though.


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I am a former high school science teacher and recently completed a MET degree at Boise State

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